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Cana Bud Store .We know there are countless dispensaries you can choose from in the Denver and surrounding areas. Whether you are a long-term medical marijuana patient or a new recreational customer, even our canna-tourist who are visiting the state for the chance to explore the legal world of weed, we are always excited to see our customers.

With so many options to choose from in the state of California, we also know it is important we find ways to stand out from our competition. We work in every aspect of our operation to be the best dispensary possible. From our outstanding bud tenders whose service you can read about, to the very intentional design and layout of our store, we have highlighted. In every aspect of our process, we focus on creating a positive experience for the customer. While we are proud of our service, we are even prouder of our product. You can find good service at many businesses in the world.

But we know this.

You cannot find better weed anywhere in california. We stand by our quality, by the product we offer, by our flower and in-house, home made products. From strain test to quality control to flavor, we know we offer a great product. What is ever better, when our customers tell us we offer the best weed they have ever tasted.

Where does it come from, and how do we create a plant so high in quality?

Generally, as with many forms of weed, it comes down to our grow operation.

The Fertilizer

You have probably heard many dispensaries call themselves “organic dispensaries” and some are. But most are not. All our the ingredients in our fertilizers are organic.

Yep, all of them.

We obviously cannot tell your our process because that would be giving away our secrets. We can tell you that every single product we include in the mixture is designed to be a healthy ingredient in the process. Everything we include in our process is something you could eat. You wouldn’t want to eat it, but it is something you could put in your body because there are no harmful chemicals included. The good news about this is that the same quality translates over into our weed.

Our fertilizer is some of the best around, and our quality shows.

The Plants We are Mixing

Our head grower has quite the reputation within the arena of cannabis and because of this, they have been able to accomplish much. What this includes is access to a variety of strains and plants that many other growers do not have. For our grow operation, we have not just taken the same old clones and used them time and time again, instead what we have done is worked to craft a whole new plant. We take the best from the plants around us and produce something entirely new.

What this means is when you are smoking our flower, you are smoking a flower seen nowhere else. And you are smoking the best of all worlds. We take plants that deliver great products and then we breed them with others, the result being a high like none you have every experienced and a taste that is unbelievable.

Grow Process & Waiting Time

Our grow takes a long time. Believe us, where we never fully run out of weed, there was a time in our shop where we had to sadly restrict the staff from buying our product. They were not happy, but it was in the interest of our priority, our customers. We have been steadily building up our grow since we became recreational but as an enduring Denver medical dispensary, we always have enough product on that side. Soon we won’t have to import some of our flowers because our Grow has expanded so much.

We wait, a long time. Instead of picking our bud the second it can be used fro a positive impact, we wait to let it ripen, we give it extra love and attention in the grow process so by the time we clip the flower and begin the curing process, it is of the highest quality. Sometimes we are waiting extra days before we start harvesting any of the product. Sometimes this means we are waiting al little extra time before we begin the process of collecting bud and the result shows. It takes us longer but we never cut corners with our weed. We never rush our product to the store, and it means we have a more high quality of flower.

Quality Control & Discarding Bad Crop

Some dispensaries are afraid to lose a product, they fear to throw away flower because if they toss an entire harvest they are going to lose a profit. The result is that these dispensaries will sell bad flower in the chance of not losing money.

It sucks, to spend so much time working on something only to see it go in the trash. At the same time, we know our reputation is only as good as the flower we are selling.

Overall, our entire grow operation is fueled by the desire to impress and deliver a great product to our customers. It never matters how much green we would make off a grow if the green we are giving you is not up to our standards.

Come into The Weed Nation today and find out what separates us from our competition. From the second you smell our flower you will know we have something special. Wait until you taste it, you are going to fall in love.

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