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Medibud (or Medi Bud) is an uplifting hybrid strain of unknown genetic origins, but many attribute its upbeat, active effects to sativa parentage.

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medibuds (or Medi Bud) is an uplifting hybrid strain of unknown genetic origins, but many attribute its upbeat, active effects to sativa parentage. Others claim Medibud is a 60/40 indica-dominant cross, so it’s possible that this strain expresses itself in various phenotypes. Typically, you can expect high-energyeuphoria and heightened sensory awareness from Medibud, but its indica-leaning phenotypes may induce heavier, more relaxing effects.

Rather than sacrificing potency for CBD content only, Medibud averages at a 16% THC range with about 1% CBD to her name. Lime green nugs end up being quite dense, and while this strain is powerful, her level of pistil and trichome coverage may leave some wanting more. Many users tend to gravitate toward her unique scent, although it tends to be a love or hate situation. Notes of cheese and skunk are most prominent with hints of earth, pine, and even a bit of berry.


Medibud’s high hits hard and fast, bringing users to a place of relaxation with a huge boost in their mental state. Even if you were already in a great mood when you smoked, you’ll soon understand what euphoria truly feels like. Although this strain doesn’t offer much in the way of extra energy, you will find that you’re able to focus on tasks with ease, so if you can muster up the motivation, you could get a few things checked off of your list before settling in for the night.

Although her name   medibuds  may be slightly misleading in that she’s not the most potent medical option on the block, Medibud is still hands down a great choice for any type of ailment. Recreational users will enjoy her mellow effects, and if you can get past her super weird flavors, you’ll likely have found a new favorite. Try this strain after a long day at the office or partake in some lazy weekend fun around the house – either way you go this bud is sure to please.



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